Application Manager is an editor tool for Unity Editor that lets you speed up your deployments.

With Application Manager you can easily manage different configurations for different deployment environments and execute code at the application startup.

It makes it possible to change a lot of information between builds without editing manually the Project Settings every time, helping you avoid mistakes or forgetfulness.

It’s a very useful tool in combination with Unity Cloud Build with its Pre- and post-export methods.

All information on each environment is stored in custom settings files.
You can also create your own type of settings or use the built-in ones of the examples.

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• Simple and clean.
• Totally customizable and expandable.
• Source code is included!
• A lot of usable examples included!
• Compatible with all platforms.
• Really good for CI/CD.
• Useful with Unity Cloud Build.


In the package are included a lot of examples of settings that can help you to:

• Manage user consent for personalized Ads.
• Edit the Android Manifest.
• Show a safety warning for an Augmented -Reality App.
• Clone assets files and directories.
• Interface with Unity Cloud Build with pre- and post-export methods.
• Initialize and configure different SDKs (for example Firebase and Facebook).
• Manage user acceptance for GDPR policies
• Change the icons of the application.
• Edit the logging settings.
• Spawn prefabs at startup.
• Change the Scripting Define Symbols for each platform.
• Edit the Xcode project values after an iOS build.