Mongrels Arena is an Action RPG hack ‘n’ slash game with roguelite elements. You will play as an arena fighter that has to face hundreds of enemies in arenas and procedurally generated dungeons with unique, different environments.


Unique map in each run

Mongrels Arena is settled in a fantasy world made up of procedurally generated areas, each with its own environment and enemies.

Each area has an increasing level of challenge.

Dungeons & Arenas

Each area consists of a group of unique arenas connected by insidious procedurally generated dungeons.
The arenas are tough and will put a strain on the player’s skill.
Dungeons hide many dangers, secrets and loot.

No classes

In Mongrels Arena there are no classes. You can freely experiment and build your character based on your play style. Warrior, Assassin, Mage or a mix of them. It’s up to you to assign the statistics and skills points earned when your character levels up.


On player death you will lose the progression of the current area and your consumables, but you will keep your experience, your equipment, the main quest and side quests progression.

Procedural items

In Mongrels Arena you can loot or buy several items like weapons or armor pieces.
Each magic item has its own procedurally unique specifications and bonuses

Dynamic boss fights

Each area ends with a dynamic and challenging boss fight.
Pay attention to your enemies moves, study the battlefield and design your strategy.

Playable characters

You will unlock various playable characters that have their own story backgrounds and different initial statistics or bonuses.

Story and quests

You will undertake several quests that will lead you to discover the history and the mysteries of Mongrels Arena.