Dragonkin Studios


Augmented Reality game that allows you to play the popular Sicilian spinning top (tuppettu).

Colorful casual game that combines simplicity and immediacy for a guaranteed fun.

Virtual reality experience with Titò and his friends as protagonists of the series of books “Il mondo di Titò”.

Virtual reality experience that simulates the siege of Syracuse from 214-212 B.C. by the Romans.

Innovative tool that combines video game and micro-learning to offer lesson of Health&Safety.

Apps & Tools

App intended for promoting the area of Siracusa and its natural beauties.

Augmented reality application associated with the series of italian children’s books “Il mondo di Titò”.

Tool for Unity Editor that lets you speed up your deployments.

About us

Driven by passion and curiosity we develop:

Video game

Pc and Mobile (Android, iOS)


Mobile (Android, iOS)

Interactive experiences

AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality)

Digital Assets

3D Models, Textures, Animations etc.


Giovanni Giampiccolo

Game Designer, Programmer, Project Manager

Luca Morreale

Programmer, UI Programmer

Francesco Morreale

3D Artist, Animator, Administrator

Alessia Morreale

2D Artist, Graphic Designer