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Cubesnake is a colorful casual game that combines simplicity and immediacy for a guaranteed fun.

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Game Modes


Close the path and score points equal to the number of colored boxes. Get more points than your opponents before time runs out to ensure victory.


Each player starts with 200 points and contrary to the classic mode, closing the path will decrease score by a number equal to the colored boxes. The winner is the first to score zero points.

Power Cube

Same rules of the classic mode but with the addition of some power-up that will allow you to make more points.

Star Cube

Collect the stars that will appear during the game to turn the colored boxes into score. Unlike previous modes closing the path will color the center without giving you points.


You can choose from 10 different skins in order to customize the game grid. Each game gives you coins coin that allow you to buy them.

Climb the Leaderboards

Get a better score than other players and climb the world rankings!

Leaderboard Classic

Leaderboard Downward

Leaderboard Power Cube

Leaderboard Star Cube


Prove your ability unlocking the achievements of Cubesnake! Some are really hard to get, but with patience you’ll be able to unlock all of them.

Beginner: Play 10 games.

Intermediate: Play 50 games.

Expert: Play 100 games.

First Victory: Win a game.

Competitive: Win 10 games.

Master: Win 50 games.

Challenger: Win 100 games.

150 points: Get a minimum score of 150 points on Classic Mode.

180 points: Get a minimum score of 180 points on Classic Mode.

200 points: Get a minimum score of 200 points on Classic Mode.

60 seconds: Win a game on Downward Mode in less than 60 seconds.

Power Cube: Collect 5 or more power-up in a game.

Star Mode: Collect 5 or more stars in a game

First Skin Unlocked: Unlock a new skin.

All Skins Unlocked: Unlock all skins.