U tuppettu AR is a game developed for Android and iOS devices which allows you to play the popular Sicilian spinning top, also know as “Tuppettu” or “Strummula”.

The idea of the game is very simple: revive the experience of this fantastic game that entertained generations of sicilians.

The game can be played in AR (Augmented Reality) mode by using the camera of your smartphone and focusing the Sicily logo (image).

Game Modes


In this game mode you will have to spin your tuppettu as long as possible, avoiding lemons and collecting lightning bolt that will increase the rotation speed of the spinning top. The greater the rotation time of the tuppettu the greater the accumulated points will be. Compare your score in the ranking and beat the other players!

Free Mode (Multiplayer)

In Free Mode there are no rules. Charge your tuppetto and throw it to the playground. This play mode can be played alone or with a group of friends connected to a LAN (max 4 players).


Get “sicilian coin” in Lemogeddon mode and customize your tuppetto in all its part with the color you prefer.