Dragonkin Studios is a video game software house, founded in September 2015 and based in Siracusa, Italy.

Its main purpose is to create entertainment, especially for those who love videogames.

With this goal in mind and inspired by projects such as Diablo II, it begins the development of Mongrels Arena, action RPG with hack n’ slash mechanics, currently under development.

During these years it also developed and produced several mobile apps and videogames including Siracusa Living Nature (2016), U Tuppettu AR (2017), Giovanni Cafeo App (2017), Cubesnake (2018), and finally Nel Mondo di Titò (2018), the latter created in collaboration with Volume 14.

In 2021, the company was selected for Quickload by OGR Torino, 34BigThings and Microsoft, an Italian 4.0 acceleration program dedicated to European startups in the gaming industry.

What we do

The team, always using cutting-edge technologies, creates:

  • Video games and apps for PC and mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  • Interactive experiences in AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality)
  • Digital assets (3D Models, textures, animations etc.)
  • Websites